Pretoria news business report

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Do white people have a future in South Africa?

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Surviving the tough SA economic climate, popular Pretoria outing says it's not all gloom

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Pretoria aviation show thrills young and old

Forecasted weather conditions the coming 2 weeks for Pretoria. Make the most out of your money with the latest business news, market trends, financial advice, exchange rates, bond calculator and more.

Firefighters battling to extinguish Pretoria wood factory blaze

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Business. Eastern Cape residents divided over mining license; Pretoria aviation show thrills young and. 6 days ago · %Thousands of aviation enthusiasts – young and old – have turned out to watch civilian and military aircraft put through their paces in the skies above Pretoria.% News. Thswane Mayor Solly Msimanga says engineers are trying to restore power to areas affected by an explosion at the Wapadrand substation.

Fire gutted the building on Tuesday afternoon leaving. According to the city, the interruption is unavoidable as the upgrading of the municipal main water supply pipelines has to be done. Residents of Pretoria East and the Moot will be mostly affected by the planned water interruptions.

Pretoria news business report
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