Highway movie business report

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Lincoln Highway

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Loosely based on the Stockholm Syndrome, Highway has stellar performances from Alia Bhatt (actor), Randeep Hooda (actor) and the rest of the supporting cast as well. As much as $, in cash fell out of a truck on the highway — and police are asking people who took the money to return it or be charged with theft.

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Highway is a Indian road drama film written and directed by Imtiaz Ali and produced by Sajid skayra.com film stars Alia Bhatt and Randeep skayra.comed in the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival, the film released worldwide on 21 February The film is based on the episode of the same name from the Zee TV anthology series Rishtey, starring Aditya.

The Lincoln Highway was one of the earliest transcontinental highways for automobiles across the United States of America. Conceived in by Indiana entrepreneur Carl G. Fisher, and formally dedicated October 31,the Lincoln Highway ran coast-to-coast from Times Square in New York City west to Lincoln Park in San Francisco, originally through 13 states: New York, New Jersey.

Feb 20,  · Highway may not be a typical Imtiaz Ali film, but it surely has some typical Imtiaz Ali elements. Performances: Alia has improved a lot as an actor.

Having said that, there are moments when you.

Highway movie business report
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