Business report writing introduction sample

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Business Research, Reports, Executive Summaries, and Presentations

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How to write a persuasive business report

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Report writing: Formal There are many different types of reports. This information is a basic outline only. Before you attempt to write a report, you should check the particular requirements for the subject.

INTRODUCTION Purpose States the purpose of the report Includes what the report will recommend Example 1 The purpose of this report is to investigate the reasons behind the rise in computer gaming addiction among teenagers.

Step-by-step guide on how to write the introduction section of a report. Report Writing - Introduction section 1. Writing a Report (Tips and Sample of Reports) Po Po Tun. REPORT WRITING:TYPES, FORMAT, STRUCTURE AND RELEVANCE Tulika Paul.

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The business report is a written document that basically tells the story of your student enterprise. Starting out with how you came up with your business idea, through choosing your team, making your product, marketing, managing the books and most importantly the lessons you learned.

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6. Acknowledgements I should like to acknowledge the support of my colleagues in developing and 1 Introduction.

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This report provides an example structure for a report.

Business report writing introduction sample
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Examples of Introduction sections