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IBM Cognos Active Report 12 Cookbook

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IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

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IBM Cognos 10 Report Studio: Practical Examples

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YouTube Analytics basics for Creator Studio Classic

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contact the Business Intelligence Team at [email protected] For technical assistance, contact Cognos Report Studio User Guide 2 December Adding a Filter Adding a filter to a report will aid in assuring that. How to use TM1 Attributes in Report Studio.

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IBM Cognos BI - Unexpected Results When Performing Multi-Fact Queries (Stitch Queries)

Another thing you can do with attributes is to filter a dataset. Apr 02,  · Description Summary Filter and Detail Filter Summary and detail filters both set of criteria you apply to a report to change the focus of the report.

Cognos Report Studio Zero suppression. We migrated few reports from 7 to 8. After migrating everything looks fine except one issue. If we don't use the filter report doesn't have any issues.

But, if we use the filter: Total sales and Total YTD sales is giving the same number, which is wrong. Introduction to Social Media for Business. On the home page, go to Launch → Report Studio → Select a Package or in the IBM Cognos Welcome page, click on Author advanced reports to open Report Studio.


On the home screen of Report Studio, you have an option to create a new report or open an existing report.

Business report studio filter
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