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MUA stands firm against union busting at Port Botany

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The Patrick Stevedores Waterfront Dispute. Present a clearly written Business Report of your investigation and analysis. This should be no more than 1, – 1, words in length (4 x A4 pages).

Your report must include: Patrick then locked out workers from one of the melbourne docks. MUA Warns Historic Peace on the Docks Under Threat within Patrick’s Terminal Posted by Mua communications on April 09, The Maritime Union of Australia warns Qube Logistics is threatening the newly-struck national peace on the docks by opening a small, effectively non-unionised container yard within Patrick’s Port Botany Terminal.

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On the night of 7 AprilPatrick Stevedores boss Chris Corrigan sacked his entire workforce and started one of the first serious challenges by a corporation to trade union power in Australia.

Outline of the Waterfront Dispute Business report patrick stevedores dispute
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