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In today’s changing business landscape, the role of people in finance has also changed.

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Not only are they in charge of sole bookkeeping and watching out for the bottom line. They are also expected to watch out for trends and analyze insights that can help in guiding the business. By. Visual Aids - an overview. These days it is unimaginable that a technical report or article can be written without some form of graphic display to support the text.

With the advent of the digital age incorporating images in a written report is as easy as clicking the mouse a few times.

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There are various sources of free stock images and free clip art that you can use, but these free images must still be accompanied by a license unless the use is specifically permitted by copyright law. analysis,laptop,business, style,cartoon, graph, chart,technology,finance,monitor,screen,market, concept,financial,data,office, internet,money, report.

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Free Borders - Border Frames. Borders and frames for print and other personal uses. Below you will find a variety of categories including many holidays.

Feb 06,  · Mammel Hall, the home of the UNO College of Business Administration is filled with a diversity of art. Check out this clip to see what we have!

Business report clip art
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