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Africa Business Report

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Africa Business Report

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Hotwire #46: Resistance in Chile, Repression Ahead of G20

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Africa this week: 'No tithes, no heaven' pastor angers Nigeria

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We deliver breaking news from across Kenya and the globe and information on the latest top stories, business, sports and entertainment headlines. I present business news and current affairs programmes on BBC radio from London and around the world, including Business Daily, World Business Report and Business Matters on the BBC World BBC Business Presenter.

3 days ago · Meet at 5pm on November 25th at BBC Portland Place in London, England. November where we also have a twenty-nine-and-a-half minute version of this episode for standard radio broadcasts, and no cussing.

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A report from the Black Rose Anarchist Federation reminds us, “The incident is an important reminder that organized security.

Africa business report bbc radio
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